The New Normal: Harvest Time


Despite the calendar that says summer is here, the weather isn’t due to change until next week.  But that doesn’t seem to matter to the garden!  It’s amazing how one minute everything is almost ready, and then all of a sudden everything should have been picked yesterday!

This week, the snow and sugar snap peas seem to have exploded with pods, the strawberries have yielded almost a pound every couple of days, and the broccoli is blooming all over.  While I’m keeping an eye on those, the spinach still hasn’t bolted, but instead is ready for another big trim, two massive lettuces have bolted and will go to the chickens, and the beets are bulging.  There are salad greens to be collected all over the garden, but I’ve been too busy eating broccoli, peas, and the last of the garlic scapes and scallions to find the energy for salad!  Which I’d better get over, because there are heads of cabbage getting fuller everyday, which means we need to either eat some coleslaw–stat!–or start looking up sauerkraut recipes…

Although it will be a while before the true summer crops are producing, the tomato vines are looking almost threatening in their vigour.  Luckily, the bush and pole beans will only be producing leaves for another few weeks at least, and the cucumber, zucchini, and peppers are still barely out of the seedling stage.  Thank goodness!

All of this means a couple of things: it’s time for the new morning and evening harvest ritual to begin again, and I definitely need to get my act together and decide how I’m going to handle the excess.  Because without a channel for all this produce that’s so much more than I can eat, harvesting just feels like a chore.  How quickly I go from the spectacular joy of seeing the garden in full production to being overwhelmed by how much needs to be done all at once!

For a little while longer I may be able to pass a few items over to the neighbours; Skipper hasn’t been around for dinner this week (which more than halves the dent I make in the harvest 🙂 ), and we’ll have a houseguest next week for a few days.  So that should stave off chaos briefly.  But after that, I either start freezing or I beg the Skipper to make my farm gate stand his next project!

So if you can’t find me in the garden this week, look for me under the dining table in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, muttering to myself, “remember that this is what you did all that work for…this is what it’s all about…this is what you wait all winter for…you WANT to do this…”

Can somebody please get to work on adding a few more hours to the day?


2 thoughts on “The New Normal: Harvest Time

  1. The blog face lift looks awesome. And I love hearing about your garden harvest. Though must admit much jealousy follows too! We scavenged the farmer’s market and miss our garden dearly. Hope you guys find ways of using your hard-earned produce!

  2. Thanks Amanda! Any time you’re sailing by, we’ll set you up with some veggies… 🙂 I understand garden coveting, but for now, it sounds like your life is as full as it could possibly be! Loving all your baby pics on your blog.

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