Happiness is…

A warm June

Trading a surfeit of spinach and salad greens for fresh eggs from the neighbours

Trading more of said greens for fresh oysters from some marina neighbours

Being almost finished with the spring/summer planting (just in time to start the fall/winter planting!)

A handy husband with some extra surprise days off

Waking up without an alarm clock

The garden in full spring bloom: purple magnolias, wine-coloured rhodos, every shade of columbine

Bees on every blossom

Watching fruit blossoms turn into blueberries, cherries, currants, raspberries, strawberries…

Chickens playing hide-and-seek among the towering perennials

Two birthday cakes!

Two cakes are better than one! 🙂 (both for me--and good only for the soul ;))

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