Awkward Transitions

We’re home!  After a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia (pics and food stories forthcoming), Skipper and I are back in our Island home.  It was great to be away, and it was a little awkward coming back.  There is a 4 hour time difference, and it was a long day of 3 flights and then a drive to get here, and by the time we got home we were thoroughly discombobulated.  Flying east to west is always a little weird; it gets later and later for your body, but earlier and earlier in the day!  There was still a little daylight when we finally arrived back in our homestead, and we spent a little while in the garden just taking in all of the changes to the plants and the chickens.

The yard was barely recognizable!  There must have been some kind of weather for those 10 days, boy, because I picked almost 3 lbs of spinach from 8 row feet of what were tiny sprouts in need  of thinning when we left!  Yesterday I picked another pound of salad greens in the form of beet green thinnings and about-to-bolt arugula, and today I sent my neighbours home with six large heads of beautiful Drunken Woman lettuce.  Last night I started talking to the Skipper about building me some kind of farm gate stand!

Despite my joy at seeing the garden having exploded into life, I felt quite strange for a day.  It’s as if I’ve missed my child’s first steps–after paying such detailed and careful attention to every aspect of the garden before we left, there was something jarring about coming back to see it so much farther ahead then when I’d last seen it.

And of course, we were immediately overwhelmed by all the tasks that jumped out at us after just that cursory glance around.  Harvesting crops, weeding, seeding, transplanting, planning, building, mulching, trellising…all of it needed to be done immediately!

I started getting in touch with key people in my life the morning after we got home–part of my process to get grounded again.  But many of my friends and family are in the middle of major life transitions and moves, and they were just as overwhelmed as I was! 🙂

Today, a couple of days after arriving home, I’m feeling rooted again.  The weed whacker cleaned up the bulk of the excess growth, and after spending a couple of days with the chickens, they don’t seem to have changed so much after all (except in size!).  Gradually, we’re getting through the pile of laundry.

A good friend of mine talked to me once about how every place has its own particular energy.  As we spend time in a place, and as our cells are regenerated out of the material of the new space, we are changed and align with that energy.  This makes complete sense to me.  When I go to Mexico, all I want to do is sail away, wander, laze in the sunshine, and hang out.  When I am here, all I want to do is farm and grow things.  When we were in Nova Scotia, that feeling disappeared and new ones took over.  And now, I’m feeling the transition process in a visceral way, as I literally change again.

The transition isn’t always comfortable or seamless; there are some cranky moments as Skipper and I each go through our own process, and of course we don’t always sleep well along the way.  But now that it’s been a couple of days, I can say with confidence,

I’m so glad to be home!

And, I don’t think I want to go away again during the growing season.


3 thoughts on “Awkward Transitions

  1. That’s just how I felt when I came home from my 2-week trip: what happened to my garden while I was away?! With 2 cats and a dog, being away from home always needed planning and organization, but with a big garden and chickens it gets so much more complicated. How do people do it – house/garden/chicken sitters?

    Glad to have you back home!

    1. It’s so true! What a different world it is now. We set up our chickens thinking we’d still be fine to do a weekend jaunt from time to time, and *they* would be fine. But I’m not sure *I* can handle leaving them! Silly, eh?! Some people call it being tied down, but it’s really that I don’t want to be torn away…Welcome home to you too!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! We went away a few weeks ago and it was hard for me. First I didn’t want to go. So many chores to finish up, seeding, cleaning, mulching, etc. Then I was there, and so relaxed I could care less about the garden. Then I got home and was completely overwhelmed – it felt strange and was hard to get back in the routine. Now I can’t imagine going away during the growing season again!

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