I Could be Harvesting…

A couple of days of much warmer weather and sunshine after some intermittent showers have meant that many of our early spring crops are growing by leaps and bounds.  Let the record show that as of May 10th (give or take!), I can start harvesting crops in reasonable amounts–ie not just herbs etc for garnish!  I could be snipping lettuce, spinach, chives, rhubarb, pea shoots, sage, purple sprouting broccoli, radishes, arugula, asparagus….all the early spring edibles that we’ve been waiting so long through the winter for.

But for some reason, although I’m thrilled beyond measure to see all these lovely treats growing each day, and though I’m excited to see the carrots, beets, chard, kale, and scallions sprouting up nicely, I’m just not inspired to start eating.  Every time I’m ready to get a meal together, I contemplate the options in the garden, and none of it seems appealing.

Could it be because even though the plants say “May” the weather still says “March?” And consequently I’m still cooking simple pastas and soups, and craving storage crops?  Or perhaps it’s because I’ve been so busy finishing up the teaching semester and squeezing in all the gardening time I can that all I can bring myself to “cook” are sandwiches?  Or perhaps it’s just being out of the habit of eating out of the garden after a winter of being back at the grocery store?  It’s only been a few months, really, but I do feel a little out of sync.  It could be that I’m so wrapped up in the planning and planting that my stomach’s forgotten what it’s all for.

Maybe it’s all of the above?  Anyone else in a food slump despite the excitement of the burgeoning life outside?

By the way, I realized today in glancing at my blog stats, that if we all work together I could pass TWO milestones on my blog-iversary.  I’m just a few posts away from 100, but I’m also just 10 comments away from 300!  So if you’ve been lurking and looking for a reason to say hi, please do!  And thanks so much to my regular readers and commenters for all the thought-provoking and chuckle-inducing messages over this year! 🙂


4 thoughts on “I Could be Harvesting…

  1. I don’t have much growing outside (although I wish that I did), but even with fresh produce and the farmers’ market opening, I’m in a food slump too. After a busy semester and a whole pile of other work all that I want is food that’s as easy as possible (especially comfort food that’s as easy as possible) so I’ve been really lax about using what’s newly available. I’m hoping that will change soon, though, especially now that it feels at least a bit more like spring.

  2. I would say that it’s a combination of all the above! I always have a hard time getting into the swing of things until the weather is warmer and I end up nibbling things out in the garden because I’m out there working and hungry and too hot to want to go in and make something.

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