Tiptoe through the Tulips…

Well we’ve misplaced our easy, point and shoot camera, so no quick pics of the cold frame and all the seedlings that I’ve transplanted. 😦  Suffice it to say, the onions, leeks and brassicas are in!  And the warmer temperatures, finally, mean that the garden is exploding into bloom.  Thank goodness weeds are green!

Skipper did get our mini-orchard area fenced off yesterday, which meant we could let the chickens into their new forage area.  It was fabulous!  And they looked so beautiful among the flowers in the bright sunshine.  So with the high-tech camera, Skipper got a few stunning shots.  And before I get any panicked comments, I know the chickens will tear up the flower garden.  This is an overgrown perennial flower garden that we would like to transition into forage/meadow/orchard.  First step: let the chickens tear it up! Weed (bonus points if you can spot the morning glory/bindweed in the pics below), scratch, fertilize…We will eventually dig up anything we want to save, and we will then replant grazing forage for them.  At least that’s the plan!  In the meantime, at least we have happy chickens!

Silver-Laced Wyandotte and Australorp Butt
Buff Among the Bulbs

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