The Peeps are in the House!

Well Backyard Feast continues to be obsessed with all things chicken.  The coop is finished, and the teenage chicks are now enjoying their new digs.  They have TONS of space and, they are racing about and learning to fly up to the higher roosts.  It’s way too much fun to go hang out with them…time just disappears when you’re watching “Chicken TV”!

It’s hard to believe that just over a month ago the little fuzz butts looked like this:

A week ago they were in the “pterodactyl” phase:

Every time we lifted off the lid to the brooder, they would fly up to perch all along the edges.  Occasionally one would make it up to the windowsill above!  It was fun having them at eye level and up to play, but it was definitely time for some more grown-up digs.

Trouble in the Henhouse?

Skipper did an awesome job of the coop.  It’s roomy, bright, draft-free, dry and cozy.  It will be spacious for the eventual adult flock, with comfy nest boxes and easy access to the run.  We have worked hard to make sure it is predator-proof.  The wide doors will make it easy to clean, and the ultimate compost bins are right at hand!  The double-dutch door (which may yet get painted–red? blue?) also makes it fun to socialize…

And here they are, healthy 5 week-olds, taking advantage of their new home!

The Silver-laced Wyandottes are now hefty 7-week olds and are feathering out beautifully.  Though they can still be a bit skittish compared to the others, they have mellowed out a lot over the month we’ve had them.  The lighter one I want to name Misadventure (or Miss Adventure), cause she’s always the first one to bravely venture up to new heights and check out the visitors. 🙂

As the chicks are getting older, the “Who’s a Roo?” game is on in earnest.  I’m pretty sure that we have one roo and 3 girls in the Australorp mix, which is great!  But as I’ve watched the beautiful Buff Orpingtons grow, I’ve gone from thinking I’ve got another 3 girls and a boy, to now being suspicious that I had it backwards!  I think my sweet buffy roo that I’ve been cuddling all this time might actually be the only girl in the bunch!

He has a lovely breast, but see the comb and the splashes of darker pink just under the beak?  Those look like wattles developing to me…  I’ll be so sad if we’ve only got one girl Buff.  They are the sweetest breed and I’ll be heartbroken not to have more than one in the eventual flock.  We may have to swap for another one later?

Lest we might miss having wee ones chirping away day and night in the house, we decided we couldn’t resist getting just a few more chicks.  And I had really wanted some Blue-Laced Wyandottes… so we got four more cuties to round out the flock!

With any luck, when all is said and done, we’ll end up with 2 of each breed in our beautiful laying flock of eight.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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