Day in the Slow Life Round-Up

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been sharing glimpses into what living more simply and sustainably really looks like.  Calling life “simpler” is a bit like calling life “slow”–not necessarily reflective of reality!  But the chorus that this is a more rewarding, richer, more satisfying way to live is loud and clear.

It’s inspiring to see what all of us manage to do in each of our own unique circumstances, and in so many different places and climates.  I know I’ll be “borrowing” all kinds of great ideas from my readings, and I’m so glad to have found so many new-to-me blogs!

Here is the list of participants that I’m aware of; if I’ve missed anyone, let me know.  And it’s not too late to add yourself to the list if you’d like to share–just add your link in the comments.

Happy reading!

Sandi@ 10yrchallenge

Stacey@ Yarnsalad

Laura@ TheModernVictoryGarden

Heather@ Heather’sHomemaking

Daphne@ Daphne’sDandelions

Annette@ SustainableEats

Laura@ NatureGirlintheCity

Rachel@ HoundsintheKitchen

Laurie@ CommonSenseHomesteading


MrH @ SubsistencePattern

Heiko @ PathtoSelfSufficiency

OhioFarmGirl’s Adventures in the Good Life


2 thoughts on “Day in the Slow Life Round-Up

  1. Hiya! Well, I didn’t participate as such, but I’m an avid slow-life blogger too and have enjoyed reading everyone else’s posts. I love it when my favorite blogs post their favorite blogs – it’s the reason my Reader now has over 100 subscriptions! 😀

  2. O gosh, ditto. I have been so busy I haven’t had time to post about being slow or simple. The irony of living in a remote community. The last day from one job was on Saturday, and the other job has slowed right down, so I’ll have plenty of time (in theory) to blog some more. But see the thing is there are only 54 crafting days until Christmas and I have a long list of things to make (i.e. cheaper than buying stuff). That’s what will probably occupy my blog for the next two months…

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