Back to our Regularly Scheduled Program…

Hopefully I’ve still got some readers left out there 🙂 .  Back to the garden…

Last of the Spring Peas

After that long cold spring of watching the baby plants and hoping they would grow up to be food, I’m finally feeling a little overwhelmed by the garden bounty.  I stopped regularly picking peas a week ago–we just couldn’t keep up with eating them.  I won’t plant QUITE so many next year.  I’ve pulled out the Dwarf Grey Sugar pea vines; they were the first to produce and the first to finish.  I succession planted some more, but I think I’ll pull them out too.  The Green Arrow shell peas are finally in full swing, though, and they are wonderful, so I’ll leave them a little while longer.

We’re being taken over by salad greens.  Salads all week for lunch and dinner!  The Red Sails lettuce are huge–I picked one head last night and mixed with beet green thinnings and mesclun mix it looks like it will last us for a few days.  But I’ve got probably 8 heads left in the ground!  Luckily it’s not in the hottest spot in the garden, so hopefully it will hold a little while longer.  Lettuce takes more than a month to grow, so I really should be planting some more, but it’s hard to get motivated when it feels like there’s more than we can eat right now!

I’ve been harvesting the Napoli carrots; they are so beautiful and so tasty.  I’ve never been a big carrot eater, but I think I’m converted.  There’s just something about the miracle of pulling roots out of the dirt.  You never know what’s going to come up, and it just feels like such a wonder when what’s beneath the greens is an actual vegetable!

In the meantime, I’ve got a bed full of chard and beet greens that we haven’t touched in what feels like a month, cause we’ve been so busy eating spinach and carrots and peas and onions and garlic scapes and … oh yes, fava beans.  Sigh.  Still probably 7 lbs of those in the fridge… Maybe I’ll freeze some if I’m feeling ambitious.

The blueberries are ripe, I’m savoring the last of the spring raspberries, and the strawberries are pretty much done.

I’m a little worried that we’ll have a little dry spell before the tomatoes and beans and zukes are ready.  The beans and squash and cukes are still pretty tiny, and though the tomatoes are looking like an impenetrable jungle, they’ve still got a ways to go (I think) before we’ll be eating them in earnest.  Of course, when they hit, look out!  We’ll be canning like crazy!

Ok garden, I’m coming, I’m coming! 🙂


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