Harvest Thursday update…

Now with more potatoes!  The purple ones are volunteers, likely legacy potatoes from gardeners gone by.  We haven’t eaten any in the past year, and I wouldn’t have thought that the elderly woman we bought the house from was a purple potato eater, but you never know, I guess 🙂 .

Potatoes! Purple is a yummy flavour, right?

And, although we’ve been snacking and putting strawberries by the handful on breakfast in the morning, here’s our first official harvest bowl (ie more than we could stuff in our mouths in a moment!).  It weighed 1.5 lb (now I understand why grocery stores sell berries by the pint and not by the pound), but Skipper thinks with all the extra ones he ate after I thought I had picked them out, there were probably 2 lbs harvested tonight ;).

Summer's finally here...

One thought on “Harvest Thursday update…

  1. Looks great Toni! Purple potatoes make for fun purple mashed potatoes!

    Sadly the only ripe strawberry we had was stolen in the night by a mouse or bird. Our raspberries are ripening nicely though 🙂


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