Harvest Monday…I mean Wednesday

Yes, I know it’s Thursday. 🙂  I’ve got lots to catch up on: rose photos, book reviews, restaurant reviews, notes from our trips to Saltspring, and on my trip to Courtenay and the Shellfish Festival. Busy week!  I’ve now finished teaching my summer course, so I should have time to post a little more often–just in time, too, as the garden is really taking off and desperate for more attention.  But in the meantime…

I’ve joined a group of gardening blogs, hosted by Daphne’s Dandelions in Massachusetts, that are reporting on their home garden harvests each week.  I’m joining way late–Daphne started reporting in February!  Here’s hoping I have something to report on through the winter as well!  And of course, it’s not Monday :).  But yesterday I decided to check on our early potatoes that didn’t seem to be moving anywhere near flowering.  The bed was theirs only for the short term for new potatoes, so I decided their time was pretty much up–the fall veg need a place to live!  Finding the few new potatoes was the best Easter Egg hunt I’ve ever gone on–I’m hooked on digging for my food!

To go with the potatoes, I figured I’d pick some peas and thin the beets and onions.  Before I knew it, this is what I’d harvested:

Dinner and lunch from one evening's pickings!

Starting in the bottom left and moving clockwise, there’s Red Sails looseleaf lettuce (I’m a new convert), a mystery lettuce that volunteered in an empty bed (wish I knew what it was; it’s tasty and this is my second head from it), the new potatoes (Warba), baby Redwing onions (now I understand the meaning of the “spring” onion!  Sweeter even than scallions), really baby carrots (napoli), scallions, Bordeaux red spinach (by far my most reliable and prolific type from the 3 I tried), Bull’s Blood beet thinnings (can you tell I have a thing for red versions of veggies?), red chard and white Fordook Giant chard, and a mix of Dwarf Grey Sugar and Sugar Ann snow and snap/sugar peas in the middle.  Yum!

Suddenly, of course, I see the issues with abundance.  Everything grows so slowly for so long, and then all of a sudden there’s more than you know what to do with :).  For dinner we did manage to get through a fair bit; we ate the chard, beets, and some peas and carrots with the potatoes.  We added some eggs (from down the street) scrambled with some basil tips and the spring onions.  Delicious!  Lunch today for both of us is salad with some bread from True Grain and various accompaniments.  If we can keep up with the garden, we’ll both be models of health, that’s for sure!

Some gardeners are organized enough to do a weekly weigh in to track their garden production; I don’t think I’m up for that yet.  But it should be fairly easy to track from the perspective of our grocery bill–I can’t imagine buying any more produce any time soon!


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