Ode to the Columbine…

When we started getting acquainted with our garden in earnest this year, I wondered how I would know the difference between the weeds and the flowers.  It’s amazing, though, how distinctive the perennial leaves and shoots look; I’ve almost never been confused.  And if I am, I just wait and see.  So far, so good!

One of the first, most prevalent leaf patterns to emerge in the spring was the lacy, circular leaf of the columbine.  They had, as the seed packets like to say, self-seeded prolifically.  We knew that they would be pretty, and generally we are happy to have more flowers, so we let them grow pretty much wherever they wanted.  And now, deep into spring, we’re so glad we did.  Who knew there were so many different kinds?!

These lovely, delicate flowers are beautiful, apparently attract predatory insects, and provide our many resident hummingbirds with yummy food.  And for some weeks at the beginning of the spring, they were the only blooms.  And so, without further ado, enjoy the pictorial ode to the columbine.

Hmmm…I’m missing photos of the deep, dark purple ones.  Hey Skipper!  Where are the purple columbines?

In other garden excitement, the roses are blooming!  More on those coming up…


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