Our Mini Spot Prawn Festival

The Second Annual Cowichan Bay Spot Prawn Festival started on Saturday.  We had intended to walk down into the village to enjoy the festivities, but got too caught up in our work in the garden and the sunshine.  This evening we headed down to our prawn and crab traps, and after a little sail in a light wind, we hauled them up…. after being skunked for weeks, we pulled up 4 big prawns!  Time for our own celebration!

When we got home, I debated about how to cook them–stretch them with other ingredients on hand into a Thai curry?  Or just saute them in butter and eat them out of the pan on their own?  The Skipper and chief trap hauler voted for something simple.  So into the hot pan went some garlic and butter.

Then I remembered that earlier in the day I had harvested the 1 asparagus spear that had appeared in the strawberries.  That got chopped up and added to the pan, and our Mini Meal was born.  I raced out to the garden with a bowl and my scissors, and quickly harvested a couple of handfuls of baby spinach, arugula, pea shoots, a small volunteer lettuce head recently revealed under a cold frame we moved, some chives and blossoms, and a few leaves of pineapple mint.  Yum!  They got washed and dressed with a bit of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.  I divided them up between 2 small plates, and topped them with the warm prawns and asparagus–2 each!–and spatula-ed the garlic butter over the lot.

As the Skipper likes to say, “Out-STAND-ing!”

It was a Mini Meal, though, so we supplemented with some not-so-local toasted sourdough, brie, and avocado, with pineapple for desert.  🙂  Accompanied with some almost-in-our-backyard Merridale Cider, though!

Here’s to our first garden salad!


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